I am a journalist because it allows me to tell stories – stories that cut to the heart of the audience.

In my many roles at lifestyle magazines, arts and culture publications and traditional newsrooms I’ve approached my work with the same mindset: Make this story so engaging and important so that my reader, or viewer, cannot look away.

Currently, I am a staff writer for the Carolina News & Reporter – a semester-long program at USC that mimics an actual news station or newsroom.

A South Carolina native who loves to travel, read, hike and ingest an unholy amount of entertainment news, I hope to work in print or television news before transitioning to an editorial position.

Fun facts about me:

  • I went through a wolf phase in high school (Don’t worry, I’m over it.)
  • My favorite food is hummus.
  • “The Office” characters I’m a combination of are Creed and Kelly.
  • I strongly dislike using transitional phrases, semicolons and the Oxford Comma in my writing.
  • I have a hard time telling Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper apart – sorry, Jake!
  • The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited is Zion National Park.
  • I had three majors before landing on journalism… I’m indecisive.
  • “Court of Mist and Fury” is my favorite book.
  • I thrive in chaos.
  • Pop culture is my crutch.
  • Hiking is my purest form of self-care.